August 26, 2005

Trying to Make Kids Stupid

As if American public school kids aren't far enough behind their foreign counterparts in areas of science, math (etc etc etc), the religious wrong still want to push them further back.

Check this out. This textbook was labeled as:

1. "anti-free enterprise" - describing American industries’ roles in environmental pollution, and they compared him to Osama bin Laden for noting the pollution caused by the country’s airlines

2. "anti-American" -They decried his assertion that Americans, only 5 percent of the world’s population, generate 25 percent of the greenhouse gases widely believed to contribute to global warming


3. "anti-Christian" - “No one would want to offend an ethnic minority,” Frey said. “Why shouldn’t people also be made aware of the sensitivities of a religious minority?”

If you can still be amazed at the level of stupidity in neo-cons - read the article. If you can't be any more surprized, read it anyway. It will be a nice reminder of why it is so good to have the ability to think for yourself.

Frankly, I hope these dipshit creationists are able to institute a creationist school ciriculum from start to finish. That way, when these kids are 45 and still working the nightshift at McD's no one will wonder why.