August 26, 2005

Xtian "Love"

And here I was thinking stuff like this happened only in America.,10117,16390605-29277,00.html

"Junior assistant pastor Chi Yeong Yun, 37, and Bible study teachers Tom Chae-Yong Lee, 22, and James Kang, 21, from the Open Door Presbyterian Church in Chatswood, northern Sydney, pleaded guilty to assaulting Angela Kim, 19, in July last year.
In the New South Wales District Court today, Acting Judge Joe Gibson named Yun as the "architect of the plan" to punish Ms Kim for not regularly attending the church and disrespecting her elders."

"The court was told Ms Kim was picked up at the Waitara train station on July 8 last year and was taken by the men to a park at Bobbin Head in northern Sydney.
She was kicked and punched for about two hours, leaving her with extensive bruising to her arms, legs and buttocks.

Two nights later, Kang went to Ms Kim's home and smashed her portable CD player.
Judge Gibson said Kang's actions were intended to further enforce the message from the beating. "

"In handing down the sentences, he said the actions of the three men had gone against their teachings."

Do religious people STILL believe that these things are not part of their teachings? Have they never actually read their religious texts? Violence, coersion, murder are not strangers to religion.