September 14, 2005


Excellent link regarding the origins of Hell (you know that place where all us evil non-believers are going because we doubt god's infinite love?)

And it, natch, has nothing to do with etneral torment. Shocker, that.

A taste:

"Biblical evidence concerning "Gehenna" in New Testament, shows that the "Valley of Hinnom" (modern day Wadi er-Rababi ) was used as a fiery place for the disposal of waste matter from the city of Jerusalem.It was a loathsome place, where they discarded their unclean things and carcasses, and the fire was burning and smoldering continuously."

Gehenna" was not a place of torture, but rather a place of complete destruction, and the dead bodies of criminals, who’s punishment was a death sentence, were thrown on "Gehenna." These bodies were usually of those who had been crucified, which was a common form of punishment under Roman rule."