October 31, 2005

November's PSYCHO Spotlight

It was my intention to put a particularily whacky Islamic site up for this month's Psycho Spotlight, however sometimes pure gold just drop into your lap.

So, November's Psycho Spotlight goes to: Atheism Sucks

Their tagline is "we like to put non-Christians on the defense". (I guess their good Christian upbringing didn't include grammar lessons.)

Mr. Frank Walton (and friends) - who, btw refer to themselves as "average Christian laymen" (way to sell it, boys!), run a site dedicated to Xtians in college. You know those evil elitest bastions of atheistic liberalism. (*LOL*)

Be sure to check out the "What is a Fundy Atheist" section. Pure comedy gold. If you've ever wondered where theists get all the wrong info on atheists - here it is all in one list. The best of which is: "you may be a fundy atheist if: Last of all -- you write this website a letter which includes a rebuttal to the above listing!"

And who says fundy Xtians aren't openminded.

I enjoyed this site thoroughly. He praises Rush Limbaugh but bashes InfidelGuy - twice. He confuses "materialist" with "materialistic". From badly manufactured "proof" of atheistic antagonism to a pathetic attempt at equating atheism and fascism - this site is a laugh riot. And don't forget to check out the blog.

Mr. Walton is clearly a man barely clinging to some remarkably childish faith. Or, he just couldn't get some hot atheist chick to date him. You decide.

Either way, pity him. He knows not how fucking hilarious he is. In a "Plan 9 from Outer Space" sort of way.

Congrats Mr. Frank Walton (and ALL your imaginary friends), you are November's PSYCHO spotlight.

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