October 04, 2005

October's PSYCHO Spotlight

From the 700 Club to Veggie Tales, I find most religious based material to be hilarious. Some atheists find these things offensive, but I simply can't take any of this seriously enough to be offended. While I'm not saying that any of these things aren't harmful, and outright deceitful - they are still hilarious.

Case in point:

Most internet-active atheists have heard of
Chick Publications. An especially racist, sexist, psychotic Xtian publication, Chick is indicative of everything non-Xtians find distasteful (to say the least) about Xtian fundies. It may be horrifying that these are ADULTS (who presumably drive, vote and worst of all - breed) publishing this trash, but I still find the constant contradiction, dizzying ignorance and absolutely cluelessness of it highly entertaining.

If you ever need a reminder of why not being brainwashed is such a happy condition, check out Chick Publications. Especially the free movies - those are my favorite.

Congrats Chick Publications. You are the Psycho Spotlight for October.