October 21, 2005

To Be Fair

Okay, okay. I rag on theists (okay, Xtians) quite a bit on this blog. This is because I'm American, they're everywhere and rarely seem to miss an opportunity to bash my kind,or try to convert me. If I knew any Jews/Muslim/Buddhists/Pagans that did so, I'd rag on them too. (but honestly, after three years of Torah study in my earlier 20's I'm very keen on the Jews. People who take that much of a licking and keep ticking have my respect.)

And, as I live in the Catholic sea that is Buffalo, NY - most of the people I know are good people and also theists. (several of my brother's cheek-pinch worthy cute friends come to mind)

HOWEVER, to be fair, there are pleny of good theists out there, and I think it's high time I gave them a little recognition. In no particular order after #1.

Number 1 - my grandmother.
She rocks. Kind, gentle, generous and an excellent cook. And she taught me to knit. Also, despite her being a christian and anti-choice, she manages to build bridges instead of further divide.

#2 - Rev. Barry Lyn A lawyer, lecturer and all around bang up activist for the seperation of church and state.

#3 - Al Franken - liberal theists rule, no matter what neo-cons say

#4- Bono - all people (esp. those with that much money) should be this caring, generous and involved.

#5 - Dr. Martin Luther King , Jr. - A legacy such as this transcends a brutal end and still shines.

#6 - Jesus - (let's assume for the sake of argument that he did exist). Love they neighbor, feed the poor, cure the sick, forgiveness. Good stuff right there. Okay, so his followers aren't always grand- hey, some Red Dwarf fans can get scay too.

And on that note- #7 - Ghandi.

If anyone out there can think of more, I'm listening.