October 26, 2005

The Tragedy of Brainwashing

Because of the wonderful site called Statcounter, I know who visits this site. (it's pretty cool - tells you who comes, where they came from, how long they stayed, if they return, and best of all isp #'s -all for free)

An interesting set of new visitors have come from a site called Xnforums. Since I find the religious to be endlessly interesting - natch, I had to check it out.

And then I found a post that exemplifies everything that is wrong with religious brainwashing. In a thread called "Morality and Atheism" I found this:

"One must accept God's Grace to have the power to lead a moral life.

However, a strange phenomenon exists.

Some who have NOT accepted God's Grace live lives morally superior to some who have accepted God's grace.

Why? Because God gives EVERYONE a sense of right and wrong and some have an incredible will and desire for justice and mercy even WITHOUT accepting God's Grace.

This confuses many people."

This level of brainwashed delusion makes me a little sad. Normally, I'd write something biting and sarcastic but I pity this person to much to do so.

Let's ignore the fact that it is remarkably insulting to atheists, and rather pay attention to one glaring omission in the "logic" (a more loosely used term there never has been). If those that haven't "accepted" the imaginary god's "grace" have better morals than those that do, what's the point in being religious?

C'mon my atheist brethren - anyone care to take a guess?