January 23, 2006

The Ooze

Once again the glorious StatCounter comes in real handy. My "waste of time?" post was picked up by an xian board called TheOoze (a rather odd name for a religious site, don't you think? If someone from there reads this, can you tell me why that name?) Given the spirit of the original experiment I gave it a look.

And I came across this : A RANT ON CHRISTIAN EXODUS INSPIRED BY GQ MAGAZINE (Aside from repeating the "US is a Christian Nation" fallacy, a backhanded insult towards people with tattoos, and the normal "we're nothing w/o Christ" stuff, this is an awesome article.)

I damn near cried with joy. Where are the xians like THESE in the public sphere? If ever there were allies among them for us, these are it.

A taste:

What have we become? As a believer I am embarrassed to read this kind of stuff. We whine because the Ten Commandments aren’t prominently displayed in some courthouse, cry about the lack of prayer in schools, and beat our chests about abortion while our "Christian" clicks are riddled with the exact problems that the world faces everyday.

Divorce rates in churches are on par with the national average. Infidelity, while not scientific, seems to be rampant. Psychological issues run the gamut, and yet we are some how more moral and God fearing because we call ourselves Christians. While we are at it we should institute an IQ test to determine who the real Christians are. Then everybody who exceeds 90 points can automatically become an agnostic. Can’t we get a little smarter? Why does Bubba have to represent me, a Christian, to the rest of society?

Maybe a little less righteous indignation and a whole lot more Bible study will help. This is a trap people. You have lost your first love. Christ did not call us to go out and make Christian nations. He could have done that when He walked among us. He called us to go out and reach individuals, as individuals, where they were at!

Instead of targeting abortion doctors, how about creating real awareness and support for teens who are in trouble. When my 16 year old girlfriend told me she was pregnant, and I, the 17 year old sought someone I could talk to, did I think about contacting a local church? No, and I probably still wouldn’t due to the scarlet letter approach we have taken inside the church.

Instead of preaching rampant homophobia, how about creating medical centers for AIDS patients. What if we reached out to this group of people in love rather then some mis-directed reference to the Old Testament. If we really want to follow all the rules in Leviticus we better throw away all references to the Messiah beginning in Matthew and ending in Revelation. Oh and by the way, stop eating pork, and don’t ever go back to the Red Lobster. Shell fish is impure and not to be consumed by God’s chosen people.

Creating a nation of Christians was already done folks. It is called the United States of America. And all the Christians who were there in 1776 throughout the ages till now are responsible for the moral decline. We the Christians, are the people, and last I checked at least 80% of this nation considers themselves Christians. So who are we throwing stones at? Is the 20% so powerful that we cannot overcome them? Are we that helpless? Maybe acting out your faith is the Christian kryptonite."

Now, I didn't investigate the whole site, and I didn't engage them in the forums (while meaning no disrespect to the members of that forum, I simply don't have the energy for that anymore),
so it's entirely possible my joy is premature. But, so far, so good.