April 21, 2006

Good Readin'

Some yummy tidbits for weekend snacking.

Anybody See My Morals? via Thoughts from a Sandwich.

Sex cues ruin men's decisiveness via A Rational Being (SEE!)

Global Sex Study - Gender "Equality" Means Happier Lovers also via A Rational Being

Sex and Guns Via Pharyngula "about what it would be like if Republicans were consistent in their attitudes towards sex and guns".

Old People Got No Reason an older post via Peeing in the Meme Pool about This story

The Oil Industry Is Running Away With Our Future via HuffPo

What if I’m wrong about Christianity? Via Debunking Xianity

Women Get Raped Because They're Stupid, Not Because Men Rape Them via Brutal Women. I love this blog.

Hate Crimes Are Not Special via Atheist Mommy Diary.

Raunch Culture via Pop and Politics (This is from Leanne Shear, the author of The Perfect Manhattan Read it.