April 27, 2006

How do you know an Xian apologist is lying? Their lips are moving.

or, their fingers are typing.

The delicious lovelies over at GifS uncovered a hoax by Tribalogue. Tribalogue is a group of True Beliere(tm) xian apologists who decided to show us exactly how filled with the love of Christ they are, by lying about Lofton's Debunking Christianity blog. They include the likes of psycho-misogynist Paul Manata and Evan may - king of the mind-numbingly bad circular argument. Here's the lie: flippant-dismissals.

Here's the proof that it's a lie:Triablogue Lies About “Debunking Christianity”

I will respond on our Blog, and I only skimmed through these comments [ed note: see comments on GifS's post], but let me say a few things. In my earlier book I was a Existential Deista and I wrote as one. In the progression of my thought I became an atheist, and my new book reflects that belief, so there will be descrepancies between them.

Triablogue is just doing what they do to atheists. When they cannot answer our arguments they try to discredit us. And they are trying to make a point about the gulibility of we atheists. Don’t buy into it.

Also, if Frank Walton is the originator of DC then he’s doing himself and his faith a great deal of harm. Does anyone actually think Christians would be supportive of this site?

Also, Triablogue just wrote a post where they do the same things to themselves, calling their own site a hoax.

Would you please post these comments as a separate post for those who may be wondering? Thanks you. And thanks for visiting us at http://debunkingchristianity.blogspot.com/

Wait, wait, let me guess Tribalogue - it was all just a joke, right?

Seriously, this was rather funny. That anyone would give that much humor and wit credit to the likes of Frank Walton is comedy gold.