April 17, 2006

Why I LOVE Buffalo, NY part two

This appeared in the Viewpoint section of Saturday's newspaper - you know, the day before Easter.

In this country, we have an evangelical Christian president, we have mega churches, we have God on the money, we have God in the pledge and we have a two-month buildup to Christmas. Exactly how is religion "under attack" in America? Simply being asked to live by the spirit of freedom and equality that this country is supposed to embody is not an "attack." Given that upwards of 80 percent of Americans are Christians, it's absurd to claim persecution.

For all the Christians who believe they are under attack in a country where they are the staggering majority, I have a little experiment for you. Go outside with a sign that says, "Straight, Christian and Proud" today, and tomorrow go outside with a sign that says, "Gay, Atheist and Proud" and we'll see who's really persecuted.

I get the feeling that the author reads atheist blogs. I’m sure I’ve seen the “experiment” discussed before. :)