May 02, 2006

Human being - Sanity - Compassion = Theist

This little gem comes by way of The Secular Outpost

Hostility Towards Atheists

Ilya Somin is a law professor at George Mason University who recently wrote several blog entries on prejudice against atheists, especially in the law:

Hostility to Atheists
More Hostility to Atheists
Still More Hostility to Atheists
Hostility to Atheists in the 1991 General Social Survey
Murders of Atheists Because of Their Beliefs about Religion

Somin later massaged these posts into a more formal article, "The Final Prejudice," that was published in The Legal Times, but that article is not available online.

Thanks to Eddie Tabash for making me aware of Somin's Legal Times article.

Update: I just read all of the comments on the "Still More..." link. It is amazing, if not depressing, to read such brazen anti-atheist bigotry from some of the respondents.

So, xians, what's that about you being oppressed for your (infantile) beliefs again?