May 08, 2006

Sometimes, I REALLY like being wrong

I ended up playing hooky on Friday. Not because I wanted to slack off and have a day of dirty naughtiness with my hunka hunka burning lover. Alas, it was far less enjoyable than that.

I get up at 5 am on the weekdays to get my rear end to work by 6. Given the type of work that I do, it's pointless to make myself all pretty-like because I'll be covered in sawdust, paint and wood stain within a half hour of arriving at work. The only thing I care about in the morning is coffee, my cell phone and my wallet and attached keys.

At some point Thursday evening I lost my wallet/keys. I was heartbroken and FREAKING OUT. I realized this at 5:30 am - far to early to do anything about it. Not only could I not get into my car, I had no driver's liscence now. And even if I could, there was no way to get into my apartment. Not only was all my cash and credit cards gone, but now I had no picture id to go to the bank and get money out. Worst of all, I lost the pics of my loved ones.

While I was scrambling to cancel my credit cards and notify the bank about possible fradulent charges, I was bitching to the bf about how much people suck. When I was 13, I found a purse lying in near the door of an apartment store. I immediately took it to the customer service desk. A few minutes later, a nervous wreck of a woman came shaking over to the desk asking about the purse. It was returned to her and inbetween her thank yous and thank gods, she said she was shocked that I didn't open it and take something. Which, I thought was a little insulting since I hadn't even glanced inside. And now, here I was needing the same type of help from the universe and I get screwed.

I had these scenarios playing out in my head of someone going on a spending spree with my money, putting me deep into debt, defacing my loved ones' pictures. I was fuming.

'Round comes 3:30pm and the never-ending parade of school buses that brings. I was outside allowing a local locksmith to unlock my car so I could at least get what I needed out, when a group of neighborhood kids come strolling by.

They stop near me, and I'm expecting some taunting about locking my keys in the car or something, when one of them says, "Are you {insert my real name here}?" I say yes, and this kid goes running for his house. Not knowing what the hell was going on, I ignored it. A few minutes pass and here comes the kid jogging up to me holding my wallet/keys.

I nearly fainted.

Inside remained all my credit cards, all my cash and all my personal stuff, untouched. Of course, I'd already cancelled the bank and credit cards, but the point is they were there. AND THE CASH!!!

Now, I do a lot of volunteer work, but that doesn't stop me from being a misanthrope. People (can) suck. Read the newspaper - murder, mayhem, theft, rape, war - it's enough to make one a misanthrope.

But on occasion, you can see a small light of hope that we're not all headed down the proverbial crapper.

Sometimes, I really like being proven wrong.