May 24, 2006

What goes around comes around (by Sean, at GifS)

Well, not necessarily -- unless you believe in such superstitious, karmic nonsense. But sometimes it's good to see a complete shithead get his/her comeuppance in the most appropriate way.

Bush Brothers No Longer Back Harris

May 12, 2006 — Little in U.S. politics is quite as uncomfortable as the cold shoulder.

That's what the Bush brothers — the president and Florida governor — are giving their onetime champion Rep. Katherine Harris, R-Fla.

Harris really wants to run for Senate this year. She's pledged to spend $10 million of her own inheritance on the race. Few think she can win, though, so for months behind the scenes the Bushes have been trying unsuccessfully to chase Harris out of the race and recruit someone stronger.

Now, their rejection is quite public.

"I just don't believe she can win," Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said this week. Harris was elected in 2002 to her first term in Congress, representing the 13th District of Florida.

One reason for her unpopularity — the Florida recount. Almost six years ago, Harris put her popularity on the line to help the Bush brothers as Florida's secretary of state. After all, despite being the top election official in the state, she also had co-chaired the Bush for President Florida operation in 2000.

She certified the vote for Bush on the timeline the Bush campaign wanted. In fact, she wanted to ignore a judge's order to delay her certification of the election at least a day, but was talked out of ignoring that order by her lawyers.

Behind the scenes, Harris did her own machinations. She sent underling Kerey Carpenter to cozy up to a vote-counting judge, Charles Burton of Palm Beach County, and encourage him to seek advice from Harris' office, without telling him that once the county canvassing board did so Harris' opinion would be binding.

She retained ChoicePoint to remove felons from the voting rolls, ignoring complaints for years that the firm had continuously removed legitimate voters, ones who often had ethnic names.


See what happens when you are myopically sighted? Sell your soul by getting in bed with the power du jour... Wake up a few years later to find out they've kicked you out of bed and said "good riddance."

You can just see her drunkenly throwing her wine glass against her living room wall and screaming: "You fuckers! After I ass-raped The Constitution with a strap-on for you??!!"

Oh, Katy. We hardly knew ya (thank gawd).