May 30, 2006

Lookie what the boys at GiFS found for me


And last, but most definitely not least, Ron discovered that our own Lya Kahlo was quoted by none other than the prestigious Columbia Journalism Review for her post O’Reilly: “This is the U-Whited Whites of White-merica”:

It is Bill O’Reilly’s recent immigration-related press criticism that has Lya Kahlo at God Is For Suckers up in arms. O’Reilly’s offending words (uttered May 16th in the “Memo” portion of his Fox News show, “The O’Reilly Factor”):

[The New York Times] and many far-left thinkers believe the white power structure that controls America is bad, so a drastic change is needed. According to the lefty zealots, the white Christians who hold power must be swept out by a new multicultural tide, a rainbow coalition, if you will. This can only happen if demographics change in America. An open-border policy and the legalization of millions of Hispanic illegal aliens would deeply affect the political landscape in America. That’s what the New York Times and many others on the left want. They might get it. And that’s the “Memo.”

Here is Kahlo’s reaction (well, the politer part of it): “… I can’t even pretend to be surprised that O’Reilly would say these things. It’s been a few days since his name was in the papers. And, since it looks like his political masters are going to lose big time in the next round of elections, he’s got to start lying early if he hopes to help dupe the stupid into voting for them again.”

It irks me a bit that they only quoted that paragraph because that wasn’t really the point of the post. I was trying to point out that the current climate of intolerance and hate-mongering that the Bush Admin and it’s worshippers have given us is making it ok to be a public bigot. I have no desire to make windows into men’s souls; I’m not trying to say that people can’t be bigots if they want. It matter little to me if someone is that intellectually lazy. But it is not “okay” to make this part of public discourse. I am not trying to advocate censorship moreso than we already have in this country. If this country is supposed to be by and of it’s people, than all must have their say. But not if it is designed solely to slander, lie about or defame a group you disagree with.

Those like O’Reilly, Coulter, and that pill-poppin’ hypocrite Limbaugh, et al, do little else. They offer nothing of substance, no truth, no humanity and no sense. Which I guess is why why appeal to Bush supporters. He doesn’t either.

But I do get a kick out of the "(well, the politer part of it)" bit. Yep, I'm just as bad as the rest of them. But I have the benefit of not having anyone pay attention to me. ;)

May 25, 2006

An Open Memo to Bill Frist

From Huff Po

A taste:

"I basically say, Mr. Vice President, right now marriage is under attack in this country," Mr. Frist said. "And we've seen activist judges overturning state by state law, where state legislatures have passed laws defining marriage between a man and a woman, and that's being overturned by a handful of activist judges around the country.

And that is why we need an amendment to come to the floor of the United States Senate to define marriage as that union between one man and one woman."

-- Insight On the News, 5/23/06

TO: Bill Frist
FROM: Ellis Weiner
Re: Marriage

You're right, of course. Marriage is under attack. But what isn't? There's a War on Christmas. There's a War on Easter, or at least the enemy has made threatening gestures toward Easter eggs. There are invasions, incursions, and insurgent uprisings against Tu B'Shvat, Penguin Awareness Day, National Podiatry Week, National Hot Breakfast Month, and Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Day (March 26; Hawaii). Everything good and decent in this country is under constant, unrelenting, murderous attack, all the time. You can't go to a TGIF beer blast without stopping shrapnel and taking casualties.

So I'm all for your plan to want to define marriage as being "between one man and one woman." But there's a dirty little question hiding in the heart of this thing, and neither you nor any of our other brave, selfless, patriotic defenders of what's right have seen fit to confront it. And since no one else seems to have the guts to talk about it openly, to your face, I'll presume to do so right now:


Because, obviously, I "get it," okay? Somehow, one Representative Man and Woman, a man best qualified to stand for all men, and his female counterpart, are chosen to enact, for all Americans, the sacred ritual of marriage.

(see link above for whole article)

Let's play Spot the Logical Fallacy!

As many of my readers know, I am also a blogger for the God Is For Suckers Blog. That site gets a lot more traffic, which means it also gets a lot more theist spam. And sometimes, it's too deliciously stuff with logical fallacies and ignorance to ignore.

Edited only for paragraph breaks because apparently Gawd doesn't like proper grammar.

Because we have not personally experienced something doesn’t mean it isn’t real. Because you have not seen good or evil spirit, angels or demons, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Because you can’t see something doesn't mean it doesn’t exist, whether far away planets we see more of with stronger telescopes, or the microscopic that can only be seen with powerful electron microscopes. Because we have not seen heaven or hell, also doesn’t mean they don’t exist and are not real.

Do you really believe man is nothing more than a sophisticated accident, though we still don’t fully understand it because it is so complex and that we just die like a dog and rot like a log and there is nothing more? If there is no life after this life, then there is no reason to live at all and life is useless and meaningless and there is no reason not to just end it all now if I will never know the difference after I die.

You go ahead and believe that because you won’t wish to consider that their just might be a God who created and gave life that we will one day be accountable to. It makes far more sense than the insanity of evolution. Do you call that fiction, science? Real science totally disproves the possibility of evolution. Science is something you can prove and recreate.
The second law (real science) of thermodynamics is the law of entrophy. Energy, the subject of the first law of thermodynamics and entrophy, the second law, and their relationship are fundamental to an understanding not just of physics, but to life. The fact is all things are winding down, going from more orderly to less orderly. Look at man and sicknesses. Today millions of children in America have diseases that were not heard of in children 50 years ago.

Look at anything, the sun, the stars, your health until you die, all things are winding downward not getting better. With all our increasing knowledge and medicine we are not getting healthier there is sure no evolutionary process upward that has ever been seen or proven. Oh, there are evolutionary processes, within species, but the idea of one becoming another, that you came from some primordal soup. Ha. That is greater faith and religion than believing in a God who can create it.

Believing that all things are just accidental and of nature is the insanity I see, not logic. Logic says a creation demands a creator. We have things because men make them, build them, create them. You don’t get something from nothing, life from non-life, complex things from simple things accidentally. An explosion creates chaos, nor order.

You can believe that belief in a God is crazy, but logic says that there is more to life than accident and hapenstance. But look at it this way. IF, you are wrong and there is a hell and eternal punishment for the wicked and you live life your way, you loose, forever. IF, one believes in God and morals and lives a good and right life and there happens to be no eternal life, no loss, for after death you wouldn’t know the difference. But if one who lives that way because they believe in a God who will judge is right, they gain everything.

So, you see, faith is the only possibility with something to gain and nothing to loose. Unbelief has nothing to gain and everything to loose. Play our odds if your a gambler, after all it would be 50-50, or is it? If a house was on fire and you could save someone, but did nothing to do so, does that make you responsible for the lost lives you could have saved, or at least tried to save? Is it any different with faith in a God?

Will you delete this because it isn’t more athiestic, hateful babble.

Actually, Asshat, it got deleted because it broke the rules. But don't let that stop your psychotic persecution complex.

Let's play Spot the Logical Fallacy! (I am not going to respond to everything as a lot of this is just repetition - ironically proving that this is nothing more than this weirdo's indoctrination.)

Quote #1: "Because we have not personally experienced something doesn’t mean it isn’t real."

*bzzt* What is appeal to ignorance?

In part, this is true. However, absurdities are (or rather should be) easy to detect. You haven't seen the refrigerator stuffed of baseball sized diamonds in my backyard, either, so by your logic, you don't know and can't tell me it doesn't exist. Even though you have not been to my backyard, even you know it's not there.

Angels, Demons, Heaven, Hell - these are archetypes and mythologies. As Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, and Brigadoon.

Quote #2: "Do you really believe man is nothing more than a sophisticated accident,"


*Bzzt* What is argumentum ad ignorantiam?

Cont: "though we still don’t fully understand it because it is so complex and that we just die like a dog and rot like a log and there is nothing more?"


Cont: "If there is no life after this life, then there is no reason to live at all and life is useless and meaningless and there is no reason not to just end it all now if I will never know the difference after I die."

I'm sorry you're so depressed. But thank you for highlighting the self-obsessed nature of faith. For you, life is meaningless if there's no eternal beach party in Heaven with JC and the Holy Bunch. It's pathetic and tragic that you can't find joy in THIS life HERE AND NOW, because there isn't a big reward FOR YOU at the end. Selfish. Completely and totally selfish.

Quote #3: "You go ahead and believe that because you won’t wish to consider that their just might be a God who created and gave life that we will one day be accountable to. "

*bzzt* What is a Strawman?

We don't believe that we're an accident - even a sophisticated one. Learn a little about evolution before telling us we're accidents. Most of us don't believe in an afterlife, but again, we don't believe in Flying Purple People Eaters either. Absurdities don't deserve that much respect.

Quote #3: "It makes far more sense than the insanity of evolution. Do you call that fiction, science? Real science totally disproves the possibility of evolution. Science is something you can prove and recreate.

The second law (real science) of thermodynamics is the law of entrophy. Energy, the subject of the first law of thermodynamics and entrophy, the second law, and their relationship are fundamental to an understanding not just of physics, but to life."

*bzzt* What is argumentum ad ignorantiam AGAIN?

And it would be great if you bothered to learn about either before wasting our time with these tired old lies.

First: Talk Origins That website will help you be less of an ignorant dumbass.
Second: The Second Law of Thermodynamics, Evolution, and Probability This will shred your assertion that evolution violates this law. Nice try, Creationist.

This link: An Index to Creationist Claims Will debunk all the other inane and painfully stupid creationist claims you no doubt spout as well.

Quote #4: The fact is all things are winding down, going from more orderly to less orderly. Look at man and sicknesses. Today millions of children in America have diseases that were not heard of in children 50 years ago.

Look at anything, the sun, the stars, your health until you die, all things are winding downward not getting better."

Okay, instead of dealing with the claim in this sentence: Class, can anyone guess where this is going?

That's right, the woefully stupid "one species turning into another" crap.

Quote #5: "With all our increasing knowledge and medicine we are not getting healthier there is sure no evolutionary process upward that has ever been seen or proven. Oh, there are evolutionary processes, within species, but the idea of one becoming another, that you came from some primordal soup. Ha. That is greater faith and religion than believing in a God who can create it."

*BZZT* What is composition fallacy?

It sure would, if that's what the Theory of Evolution said. You're grave ignorance is showing again. No surprises there.

Nowhere does the theory state on species magically transforms into another. Humans and Chimps (like Bush - I kid!) came from the same ancestor, that's undeniable - well, it's undeniable for honest and informed people. But no one is suggesting that monkeys magically transform into humans.

But thank you for showing us that humans do turn in to shit slinging monkeys.

Quote #6: "Believing that all things are just accidental and of nature is the insanity I see, not logic."

*bzzt* What is a Strawman AGAIN? We don't believe that.

Quote #7: "Logic says a creation demands a creator. We have things because men make them, build them, create them. "

*bzzzt* What is confusion of correlation and causation?

The Blind Watchmaker Goodness. Do you people EVER read anything about evolution (that's not written by other Cretinists) before writing long, ill informed posts about nonsense? Are you ever honest enough to give it even a quick spin before coming to show us how clueless you are? Ever?

Quote #8: "You can believe that belief in a God is crazy, but logic says that there is more to life than accident and hapenstance."

*bzzt* What is begging the question?

Right, an how exactly does that automatically point to god? Even if evolution is a horrible fallacy, that does not automatically make god the only other option.

Quote #8: "But look at it this way. IF, you are wrong and there is a hell and eternal punishment for the wicked and you live life your way, you loose, forever. IF, one believes in God and morals and lives a good and right life and there happens to be no eternal life, no loss, for after death you wouldn’t know the difference. But if one who lives that way because they believe in a God who will judge is right, they gain everything."

*bzzt* What is Pascal's Wager

What if when you get to your eternal beach party, you meet not whatever god you believe in now, but a different one. If you're a Christer, and you meet not Jesus, but Allah, we'll see you in hell.

See, this argument only works if your god is the one the exists. Since humans have worshiped thousands upon thousands of gods throughout history - and, more notably have failed to produce a single shred of evidence for any of them - you stand a much higher chance of being wrong then we do.

Quote #9: "So, you see, faith is the only possibility with something to gain and nothing to loose. Unbelief has nothing to gain and everything to loose."

*bzzt* What is argument from adverse consequences?

Cont: "Play our odds if your a gambler, after all it would be 50-50, or is it?"

The odds are VERY FAR from 50/50. See Pascal's Wager answer.

Quote #10: "If a house was on fire and you could save someone, but did nothing to do so, does that make you responsible for the lost lives you could have saved, or at least tried to save? Is it any different with faith in a God?'

*Bzzt* What is non sequitur?

It is Very different. First, if there was a house fire and I did nothing, not even calling the fire department, that would make me (at best) immoral and (at worse) guilty of manslaughter - or murder if I also started the fire.

But this has nothing to do with faith in god. I can see a house fire. I can hear people screaming for help. Therefore, I am compelled to respond.

You have not one single shred of evidence that god exists. Or heaven, or hell, or demons or angels. You choose to believe them, or you were indoctrinated to believe them. And you do so only to get your ass into heaven. Yours is a selfish faith.

This is in NO WAY related to a house fire. Bad analogy.

Lastly, read this: Sam Harris Responds to A Christian for a little more insight.

So, fellow heathens? What's the score?

May 24, 2006

More Political tests

Shamelessly stolen from Frank's Blog *sheepish grin*


"SW- You would feel most at home in the Southwest region. You advocate a large degree of personal freedom and a large degree of government control over the economy. Your neighbors include such folks as Jesse Jackson, Ralph Nader, Hillary Clinton, and Zack de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine, and may refer to themselves as "liberals," "left-wing liberals," "civil libertarians," "democratic socialists," "egalitarians," or "anarcho-socialists."

Political Compass

Economic Left/Right: -8.00
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.69

that puts me in the bottom left corner.

Pat's Power comes from Magical Power Shakes . . . oh, and Jesus too.

Pat Robertson's magical protein shake

Every now and then, a ClayNation reader e-mail causes me to question my entire worldview. Such was recently the case. We received many responses regarding my quest to leg press 400 pounds and "show up former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright." None was more shocking than this one from Ken Pederson of Seattle:

"400 pounds is nothing! Rev. Pat Robertson, 76, can leg press 2,000 pounds. I saw him on TV the other day and the capillaries in his eyes looked just fine!"

If you do not click on the link Ken provided to Robertson's Web site right now, you are truly lazy and missing the most remarkable feat of physical strength since Video SPiN featured Lasha Pataraya pulling two trucks with his ear.

Here's the text from his Web site:

"Did you know that Pat Robertson can leg press 2,000 pounds? How does he do it? Where does Pat find the time and energy to host a daily, national TV show, head a world-wide ministry, develop visionary scholars, while traveling the globe as a statesman?

One of Pat's secrets to keeping his energy high and his vitality soaring is his age-defying protein shake. Pat developed a delicious, refreshing shake, filled with energy-producing nutrients. Discover what kinds of natural ingredients make up Pat's protein shake by registering for your FREE booklet today!"

Three things:

1. I am going to drink this protein shake of his and try to leg press a Mazda Miata with three clowns sitting inside.

2. There is no way on earth Robertson leg presses 2,000 pounds. That would mean a 76-year-old man broke the all-time Florida State University leg press record by 665 pounds over Dan Kendra. 665 pounds. Further, when he set the record, they had to modify the leg press machine to fit 1,335 pounds of weight. Plus, Kendra's capillaries in his eyes burst. Burst. Where in the world did Robertson even find a machine that could hold 2,000 pounds at one time? And how does he still have vision?

3. It's rare the ClayNation Guarantee makes an appearance, but here, it is justified. There is no way Robertson leg presses 2,000 pounds. Period. If he can, I will box a round against Andrew Golota without wearing a jockstrap. After about 20 minutes on Robertson's Web site, I managed to find a way to send an e-mail without having to give my credit card information. Here was the text:

"I would like to interview Pat Robertson about his leg-press workout and protein shake. If possible, I would like to accompany Pat on his workout where I could help him stack on the 44 different 45-pound plates he would need to attach to leg press 2,000 pounds. By my calculations, his leg press of 2,000 pounds requires 22 forty-fives and one ten-pounder on each side.

The article goes on. You get the idea. If you click the linkie Clay provided you go to the CBN website. YOU too can leg lift a ton with Pat Robertson's magical shake recipe. I HAD to have that power!

But then, TRAGEDY: You have to register to get this AMAZING recipe.

So I registered. Don't any of you ever tell me that I don't jump into the fray for you

Here's the recipe:


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is vitally important that your body have adequate supplies of protein and necessary minerals to get you started in a healthy, vibrant mode. Nothing is worse than to race your insulin production by the ingestion of doughnuts, sweet rolls, pancakes drenched in syrup, white toast with jelly, and coffee. This is the typical American breakfast that accounts for the fact that many people are drooping by 10:00 or 11:00 in the morning, and they have, in the process, a number of ailments, not the least of which is adult onset diabetes because of a diet that is filled with sweets, simple carbohydrates derived from white flour and sugar, and caffeine. The shake I use is delicious, refreshing, and filled with energy-producing nutrients.

Here’s how to make it:

Disclaimer: Consult with your physician before starting this or any new health regimen or supplement program, especially if you have allergies to any of the listed or related products, or are under the care of a physician or other medical professional, or have any other health problems. No specific health benefit is implied or promised from this recipe.

6 - 8 ounces of orange juice (water, other fruit juices, low-fat or skim milk can be substituted)
*5 tablespoons soy protein isolate
*5 tablespoons whey protein isolate
2 tablespoons natural apple cider vinegar
1 tablespoon flaxseed oil
1 tablespoon safflower oil

In a standard blender, combine the above ingredients. Blend until the shake is smooth
and the ice cubes are crushed.

Optional ingredients you can try:
2 tablespoons non-fat plain yogurt or 1 banana (gives more body to the drink)
1 teaspoon Creatine, (5 grams) Creatine is intended to be used by those individuals who
are engaged in strenuous physical activity and training. Individuals under the age of 18
years, should not use Creatine. (if you add Creatine, remember you need to drink at least 8 oz. of water in addition to your shake).

*The amount of protein per serving is dependent upon the product purchased.You should aim for 32 grams of protein in the shake.

Adjust the quantity of tablespoons according to the label on the product purchased.

Pat’s Age-Defying Shake
2 tablespoons (or more) soy lecithin
1 teaspoon MSM powder
1 teaspoon glutamine powder
5 - 6 frozen strawberries
(other fruits can be substituted)
Non-caloric sweetener to taste
4 - 5 ice cubes
(optional, use for a colder shake)

Now us evil godless heathens can have legs of steel too! We'll be unstoppable with Pat Robertson's Magical Power Shake!!

What goes around comes around (by Sean, at GifS)

Well, not necessarily -- unless you believe in such superstitious, karmic nonsense. But sometimes it's good to see a complete shithead get his/her comeuppance in the most appropriate way.

Bush Brothers No Longer Back Harris

May 12, 2006 — Little in U.S. politics is quite as uncomfortable as the cold shoulder.

That's what the Bush brothers — the president and Florida governor — are giving their onetime champion Rep. Katherine Harris, R-Fla.

Harris really wants to run for Senate this year. She's pledged to spend $10 million of her own inheritance on the race. Few think she can win, though, so for months behind the scenes the Bushes have been trying unsuccessfully to chase Harris out of the race and recruit someone stronger.

Now, their rejection is quite public.

"I just don't believe she can win," Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said this week. Harris was elected in 2002 to her first term in Congress, representing the 13th District of Florida.

One reason for her unpopularity — the Florida recount. Almost six years ago, Harris put her popularity on the line to help the Bush brothers as Florida's secretary of state. After all, despite being the top election official in the state, she also had co-chaired the Bush for President Florida operation in 2000.

She certified the vote for Bush on the timeline the Bush campaign wanted. In fact, she wanted to ignore a judge's order to delay her certification of the election at least a day, but was talked out of ignoring that order by her lawyers.

Behind the scenes, Harris did her own machinations. She sent underling Kerey Carpenter to cozy up to a vote-counting judge, Charles Burton of Palm Beach County, and encourage him to seek advice from Harris' office, without telling him that once the county canvassing board did so Harris' opinion would be binding.

She retained ChoicePoint to remove felons from the voting rolls, ignoring complaints for years that the firm had continuously removed legitimate voters, ones who often had ethnic names.


See what happens when you are myopically sighted? Sell your soul by getting in bed with the power du jour... Wake up a few years later to find out they've kicked you out of bed and said "good riddance."

You can just see her drunkenly throwing her wine glass against her living room wall and screaming: "You fuckers! After I ass-raped The Constitution with a strap-on for you??!!"

Oh, Katy. We hardly knew ya (thank gawd).

May 23, 2006

Hey, They're Not All Bigots

Clergy Group Aims to Block Gay Marriage Amendment (you might have to register)

WASHINGTON, May 22 — An interfaith coalition of clergy members and lay leaders announced a petition drive on Monday aimed at blocking a proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.

The Senate Judiciary Committee passed the bill on a vote along party lines last week, and the full Senate is expected to vote on it the week of June 5.

About 35 representatives of the coalition, Clergy for Fairness, said at a news conference that more than 1,600 clergy members had signed an online petition against the amendment. The group's Web site has postcards that lay people can print out and send to members of Congress.

By the end of this week, the site should have an electronic postcard as well, said Joe Conn, a spokesman for Americans United for Separation of Church and State, an organizer of the lobbying effort but not in the coalition.

Among those represented by the coalition are clergy members and groups affiliated with mainline Protestant churches; the Interfaith Alliance; Jewish groups including the Anti-Defamation League, the Union for Reform Judaism and the National Council of Jewish Women; Sikh groups; and the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations.

Four weeks ago, 50 prominent conservative Christian and Jewish leaders, including evangelicals and Roman Catholic cardinals and archbishops, signed a petition backing the amendment to prohibit same-sex marriage.

Those leaders also promised to distribute postcards to their congregants to urge support of the amendment. The Knights of Columbus alone is distributing 10 million postcards to Catholic churches.

Few experts expect the marriage bill to pass this year. But state campaigns to ban same-sex marriage drew large numbers of people to the polls in 2004, and conservatives hope to mobilize voters by raising the issue again. (mod note: because war, a tanking economy, sky high gas prices, wiretapping, rampant political corruption, millions of people without health insurance and the protection of American Democracy mean nothing to some theists as long as them damn gays are demanding to be recongnized as equal citizens. Jesus hates them, so they're not allowed.)

Moderate and liberal religious groups have recently made an effort to raise their profile on many issues, including those involving personal morality that many Americans had considered the domain of conservative Christians.

The clergy members at the news conference on Monday said that although the groups opposing the amendment were not of one mind on homosexuality or same-sex marriage, passage of the amendment would give deference to a single point of view and would make the Constitution an instrument of discrimination against a class of citizens.

"When one group is singled out for discrimination, it's not long before other groups will be singled out, too," said Rabbi Craig Axler of Congregation Beth Or in Maple Glen, Pa. "It's the first time we see the Constitution in danger of enshrining discrimination against one party, one class, and to remain silent as a Jew is unconscionable."

See, they're not all bad.

May 22, 2006

Yep, still a liberal

Your Political Profile:
Overall: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal
Social Issues: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal
Personal Responsibility: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal
Fiscal Issues: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal
Ethics: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal
Defense and Crime: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal

Found via Atheist Jew

Hey AJ - looks like we're still liberals, despite our mean pseudo-racism! ;)

May 18, 2006

It's A Miracle!

For the first time since I became politically aware, I agree with George Will.

Who Isn't A 'Values Voter'?


"An aggressively annoying new phrase in America's political lexicon is "values voters." It is used proudly by social conservatives, and carelessly by the media to denote such conservatives.

This phrase diminishes our understanding of politics. It also is arrogant on the part of social conservatives and insulting to everyone else because it implies that only social conservatives vote to advance their values and everyone else votes to . . . well, it is unclear what they supposedly think they are doing with their ballots.

On Sunday a Los Angeles Times article on the possibility of a presidential run by Florida Gov. Jeb Bush reported: "The Family Research Council, an influential evangelical activist group, has invited Gov. Bush to appear at a fall conference of 'values voters.' " On Monday the Wall Street Journal quoted a pastor who is president of a Texas-based organization, Vision America, that mobilizes conservative pastors: "Values voters see their vote as a sacred trust." The phrase "values voters," which has become ubiquitous, subtracts from social comity by suggesting that one group has cornered the market on moral seriousness.

Last Saturday, when John McCain delivered the commencement address at Jerry Falwell's Liberty University, he was said to be reaching out to values voters. Hillary Clinton, speaking recently at the annual U.S. Chamber of Commerce convention, scolded "kids," by which she evidently meant young adults, for thinking "work is a four-letter word." She was said to be courting values voters. If so, those voters must value slapdash rhetorical nonsense as well as work.

It is odd that some conservatives are eager to promote the semantic vanity of the phrase "values voters." And it is odder still that the media are cooperating with those conservatives."

Republicans get an "F" in Sportsmanship

here's another black mark for the GOP scorecard

Former Bush campaign official sentenced to prison

CONCORD, New Hampshire (Reuters) - A senior official in U.S. President George W. Bush's re-election campaign was sentenced to 10 months in prison on Wednesday for his role in suppressing votes in a key U.S. Senate race, a scandal that Democrats charge may involve the White House.

James Tobin, 45, one of three Republican campaign operatives convicted in a phone-jamming scheme designed to keep New Hampshire Democrats from voting in a 2002 election, was convicted in December of two telephone harassment charges.

Prosecutors had asked for a two-year sentence.

U.S. District Judge Steven McAuliffe described the crime as "extremely serious" and a threat to the U.S. political tradition of free and fair elections.

"People in your position need to know they cannot do these things and if they do the consequences are very, very serious," he said in handing down a sentence harsher than the six months home detention and community service sought by Tobin's lawyer.

Democrats want an investigation into 22 telephone calls made by Tobin and New Hampshire Republican Party officials to the White House on November 5 and 6, 2002, and say they believe national Republican officials may be involved in the scheme.

"I don't consider this sentencing to be the end of the matter. I consider this to be one more step in the process of uncovering exactly who knew about this," said Kathleen Sullivan, the New Hampshire Democratic Party chair.

"There are still unanswered questions," she said.

Story continues. Visit the link.

This begs the question - if republicans/neocons were so sure they'd win and were so confident in their platform and trusted their base - why would they need to cheat?

Anyone still think the '00 and '04 elections were pristine?

And look at this flat out asshole republican:

Have A Heart

This is this asshole's idea of a good campaign platform:

Da Vinci Code: the Non-Xian's "Passion"

Look at this alarmist, hypocritical, arrogant nonsense I got in my inbox today. (Because it came to me third hand, we're still trying to track down where the originator got it from. Hopefully links to come. For now, suffice it say it comes from something called St. Michael's Sheild. Let it be added here that St. Michael is the warring archangel. Because, it can't be Christian if it doesn't involve WAR).

These fucking hypocrites didn't give a rat's ass when Jewish Groups raised objections to Psycho-Gibson's snuff movie, so why on earth should anyone now care about their objections to DVC? At least DVC isn't pretending to be based in fact like Gibson did with his snuff film.


Where have you gone, Barney Fife? Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

We know where Opie is -- this week, he is at Cannes, in the way of director Ron Howard -- and we know what he just did: that fellow who was the picture of innocence on The Andy Griffith Show and Happy Days has come to resemble a nation that was likewise innocent and has likewise turned a dark corner. He directed The DaVinci Code. He needs our prayers, as do the actors involved. It's all coming down, and you can feel it. We are starting to see more clearly what is what and who is who. At no other time in the nation's history would a movie based on such a harmful and blasphemous book garner this kind of attention. Movies like The Last Temptation of Christ were equally horrid but were shoved off into a genre of the avant garde.

But this is Opie and this is Sony Pictures and bashing Christianity and particularly -- viciously -- Catholicism has become such a norm that we can rightly be concerned about the rise of what many have foreseen for years.

There is the spirit of darkness. The stage is being set for a personage of evil. It is also being set for a purification that is going to tear down the artifice we have arrogantly constructed.

To openly besmirch Jesus -- to cast Him as the father of a child by Mary Magdalene -- and to openly promote the rise of the goddess (with which this evil book apparently concludes as almost an invocation) is the height of arrogance and strong testimony to the rampant atheism or at least antagonism toward Christians that led an actor in the movie, Ian McKellen, to brazenly state Wednesday that instead of a disclaimer on the movie noting that it is fiction, such a disclaimer should be placed on the Bible.

These are people taken seriously by the media and granted the type of respect that was formerly withheld from such ilk and afforded instead to movies like It's a Wonderful Life and The Bells of St. Mary's.

Where have you gone, Jimmy Stewart?

While a nun wearing a brown habit knelt at the red carpet at Cannes this week, praying, in protest, the glitterati of Hollywood looked down upon the crumpled woman and Howard said only that if the movie is likely to upset you, don't go see it.

For those who long have seen the rise of anti-christianity as a prelude to persecution, it is a time of concatenation. Perhaps the word is "precipitation." Evil is precipitating from dark clouds and will lead to a raucous future.

It is hardly only this movie. It is books like Potter and theme parks based on a sorcerer's hat and upcoming films like Sacred Evil, along with the standard cartoons defaming the Pope and the biased media coverage of the Church. There is the whiff of persecution and the whiff of an evil personage who may take the stage in the not-too-distant future.

Yet as the darkness materializes, so do images of Jesus -- more than ever, in a way that has been gradual but that is gaining momentum. Steadily, Christ is manifesting. He is increasing His Presence. Nature is groaning in anticipation of a manifestation -- however you want to interpret it. A revelation of the invisible is becoming visible. And it is occurring in nature. From Mexico comes the report of believers hiking by the hundreds into the mountains of southern Chiapas to view a rock that some say bears an image of Jesus. ?A 57-year-old Tzotzil Indian, Gregorio Gomez, discovered the image after a voice told him in a dream last month that he would find it,? said the news. It is one of dozens of such recent stories.

Ron, take note of that. Be careful. We will pray for you. We will pray for the country that has traveled so far since Opie. But caution, Ron. The Lord is real. He is good. The DaVinci Code is evil.

Opus Dei says it is just a passing episode. Let's hope so. The Vatican reportedly is in a "raging" debate on what to do about it. One Vatican Cardinal -- in charge of cultural affairs -- called the film a "shocking and worrisome" development. A survey indicates that it can have a profoundly negative effect on faith and in our view we face similar future challenges. That was Britain. In the U.S., another survey claimed it only affected five percent of people who have read the novel -- of which there are 45 million.

(Mod: HERE's the best part):

We tossed the book halfway through because of the aura it exuded (after glancing at that last page). We don't believe you are dark, Ron, but we do believe you are deceived and pray you will see your way out of it.

As for your advice about not seeing the movie, no worry there; we never had any such intention.

[see also: Response from Opus Dei, Survey stunner: DaVinci movie 'greatly' undermines Catholic faith, China Catholics boycott DaVinci Code, Howard says don't see it if it upsets you and DaVinci actor: Bible should have disclaimer]
[resources: Spiritual Warfare Prayers]
[Michael Brown seminar on spiritual protection, June 3]

I decided to leave it unaltered (save for emphasis, which is all mine) because the sheer asshatery can only be appreciate en masse. Any sane adult can see the lying, the propaganda and the bullshit without me pointing it out.

So, let's review - the movie is threatening the survival of Christianity, oh wait no, just Catholicism - but god is fighting back through rock formations and dreams? You didn't read the book, but you ust know it's evil? Being a father is a bad thing now? Why are you people so terrifed of sex? Only penises can be worshiped?

And you'll pray for Ron and the country? Yeah - fuck hunger, poverty, sickness, war and hatred - pleas save us from this movie, Jesus!

And long live Gandalf. The fabulous and delicious Mr. McKellen is a "gaytheist" - I love that he was cast in this movie.

The more they bitch, whine and LIE the more I want to see it. I'm SO going to see this movie.

The War on Darkies, and Brownies, and Gays and Atheists and

Fox News Presents! The War on Darkies

Last week, Fox News Channel's John Gibson urged white people to make more babies in order to counter the growing Latino population in America. Watch Stephen Colbert present Gibson's ridiculousness here.

Next up... Tony Snow, former Fox pundit and current White House press secretary, blurted out "squeezing the tar baby" in his first official press conference.

And most recently, Media Matters took note of O'Reilly's Talking Point Memo segment in which he lashed out at "far left thinkers" for opposing the "white power structure that controls America".

O'Reilly thinks it's a bad thing that idiots like you and me want a society and government that's multicultural. Gibson thinks it's a matter of national urgency that, in decades to come, white people will be a minority in America. Now, name any white power group, be it Stormfront, the KKK, the Aryan Nation, or the Neo-Nazis and tell me if the collective talking points aren't oh so eerily similar.

It's one thing for O'Reilly and Gibson to roll out their annual "War on Christmas" comedy spoofs. It's one thing for the network to be the unabashed mouthpiece for the Republican government and the Bush administration. But it's another thing entirely for FNC's pundits to literally encourage white power.

But at least they're out in the open with dwindling ratings and almost zero credibility as a legitimate news source. And it'll only get worse once they roll out the seizure-inducing graphics package heralding:

FOX NEWS PRESENTS! The War On Darkies! Gibson offering tips on how to generate the "whitest sperm". O'Reilly belting out Talking Point Memos about how to tell if your neighbor is a mud person -- or simply covered in mud. Sean Hannity shouting "packow! packow!" whilst blasting fire hoses at minorities from his really cool helicopter. Geraldo will leave the network, of course. Maybe he'll jump over to PAX -- the only network to not have employed him so far.

Yes, it's all so funny, isn't it? Actually it's not. Unless I'm very wrong, hate speech and white power is going mainstream. Again. And I, for one, welcome Fox News to be the leader on this one. I don't think they should be fined or pulled off the air. I think they ought to be allowed to prance around in pointy hoods and arm bands and shown for who they really are. Then as their ratings continue to drop and their advertisers abandon them, we can be satisfied that justice has been served in America.

From the O'Reilly link above:

During the May 16 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor, host Bill O'Reilly claimed that The New York Times and "many far-left thinkers believe the white power structure that controls America is bad, so a drastic change is needed." O'Reilly continued: "According to the lefty zealots, the white Christians who hold power must be swept out by a new multicultural tide, a rainbow coalition, if you will." O'Reilly's comments came during a discussion of opposition by the Times and others to deploying the National Guard to help secure the border.

As Media Matters for America has noted, O'Reilly has previously claimed to have exposed the "hidden agenda" behind the immigration movement, which he said was "the browning of America." O'Reilly also asserted, during the same April 12 edition of his nationally syndicated radio show, that "there is a movement in this country to wipe out 'white privilege.' " Additionally, on the May 1 edition of The Radio Factor, O'Reilly alleged that the "organizers" of the May 1 nationwide pro-immigrant protests have a "hardcore militant agenda of 'You stole our land, you bad gringos,' " and that the organizers seek to "take it back by massive, massive migration into the Southwest.' "

From the May 16 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

O'REILLY: Now in 1986, President Reagan thought he could solve the [immigration] problem by granting about 3 million illegal aliens amnesty. The New York Times was in heaven, editorializing back then, quote, "The new law won't work miracles but it will induce most employers to pay attention, to turn off the magnets, to slow the tide." Of course, just the opposite happened. But the Times hasn't learned a thing. That's because the newspaper and many far-left thinkers believe the white power structure that controls America is bad, so a drastic change is needed.

According to the lefty zealots, the white Christians who hold power must be swept out by a new multicultural tide, a rainbow coalition, if you will. This can only happen if demographics change in America.

An open-border policy and the legalization of millions of Hispanic illegal aliens would deeply affect the political landscape in America. That's what The New York Times and many others on the left want. They might get it. And that's the "Memo."

I can't tell from this whether O'Reilly is just a batshit crazy bigot, or is he is just a propagandist and attention whore like MAnn Coulter.

Either way, I can't even pretend to be surprised that O'Reilly would say these things. It's been a few days since his name was in the papers. And, since it looks like his political masters are going to lose big time in the next round of elections, he's got to start lying early if he hopes to help dupe the stupid into voting for them again.

Moreover, I can't pretend to be surprised that bigotry is becoming mainstream again. Or that Fox News is at the forefront of it. As soon those planes hit the two towers, PC went the way of the Dodo. It's now okay to discriminate against gays, to the point where discriminatory legislation is enacted. It's now okay to bash Arabs (when confusing them with Muslims) as a race of terrorist. So, why wouldn't it follow that it's now okay to openly be a white supremacist?

This is what the marriage of religion and politics gets you - intolerance, bigotry, propaganda and oppressed dressed up in righteous clothing.

May 17, 2006

An update on the New Pandemic!!!!

Read about the New Panemic HERE

From Salon

May 11, 2006 | There was a story in the Washington Post on Sunday about a problem apparently facing a lot of men on college campuses: They're having a hard time getting hard. This isn't the first time I've heard reports of this in recent years, mostly from young women who assume, as I have assumed, that it's one of the costs of living in a world with antidepressants. Those sexual side effects are no joke. Then, of course, there is the rise in campus binge drinking, which has, since time began, sometimes resulted in a condition popularly known as "beer dick."

It's a really valid and compelling issue. The fact that young guys are having a rough time with erectile dysfunction is well worth investigating and I was happy to see a long reported piece about it in the Post. But imagine my surprise at learning that antidepressants, alcohol and stress aren't the real story here. (They get mentioned several paragraphs into the piece, along with explanations like anxiety, recreational drug use and overconsumption of Red Bull, so as not to rob the piece of its backlash-y punch.) No, according to the Washington Post, the factor that's making boys go limp is ... (drum roll) ... women who want to have sex with them! That's right, folks. Apparently nothing can make a dude lose a stiffie like the feeling that a girl is horny. You following? No, me neither. But here's how the story, by Laura Sessions Stepp, lays it out.

First, she writes about Adam Skrodzki, a senior at the University of Maryland who, along with his fellow on-the-record interviewees, gets a big medal for bravery in the service of ethical journalism for allowing his name to be used in this piece. Anyway, Adam "bench-presses a respectable 280 pounds. He fights fires in Howard County as a volunteer and plans to join the Secret Service in the fall. In short, he's a man's man." And therefore, we are supposed to infer, he's used to getting man's-man-quality boners. (Guys who, say, play first viola in the university orchestra and volunteer at the local ASPCA wouldn't be interesting in a story about hard-ons because they probably don't get them anyway.)

In any case, Adam continued to think of himself as a "man's man" until last fall when he "hooked up with a sophomore -- at her urging." Cue "Psycho" music: Eeek! Eeek! Eeek! See, the sophomore wanted him, he wasn't into her, so she offered to be his "friend with benefits," which is cool because that means sex with no emotional responsibility and he really didn't see anything wrong with that. But then, the first time they tried to do it, he couldn't get it up.

Now, I read Adam's story and I think: Hey, maybe Adam is just a really great guy! The kind of guy who actually wants to have sex with someone he really likes and is attracted to. Clearly he wasn't so interested in this sophomore, and so his body didn't respond to her. I don't see this as a disaster so much as a positive indicator of a healthy attitude about sex. I get that men and women often enjoy sex with people they despise or are indifferent to, but wouldn't the world be a generally more cheerful place if our bodies nudged us toward those we found physically and emotionally alluring to begin with?

But the Washington Post sees it differently. It turns out that Adam is "far from alone." In fact, Stepp continues, "for a sizable number of young men, the fact that they can get sex whenever they want may have created a situation where, in fact, they're unable to have sex." That's right. "According to surveys, young women are now as likely as young men to have sex and by countless reports are also as likely to initiate sex, taking away from males the age-old, erotic power of the chase." Countless reports! Sizable numbers! Call the police! Vague and unquantifiable numbers of women want biggish amounts of sex!

Perhaps (and I realize this is pie-in-the-sky thinking here) the leveling of the sexual marketplace Stepp writes about, in which women and men enjoy and pursue sex with comparable vigor, could be good for both sexes. First, it could deflate some of the frequently unearned but long-held stereotypes about guys who'll have sex with anything that moves, who consider each conquest a notch on their bedpost, who are more turned on by the pursuit than by the physical pleasure of union. Perhaps, if sex with women is something that they didn't have to finagle and tease and chase their way into, if it was just a fun activity that two people who liked each other chose to engage in and that often felt really great, everyone would have a better time.

Bzzzzz! Apparently that answer was incorrect. According to Stepp, we're not looking at the maturation and increasing sophistication of the socio-sexual dynamic here. We're looking at the loss of manhood in its purest form. Guys who can't get woodies for any old girl on the block are a poignant representation of the crumbling power of the erect phallus, which is, after all, as Stepp writes, "in the minds of many males, the sign of authority and dominance, perhaps the last such symbol in a society slogging its way toward gender equality." Wow. Stepp isn't doing the men she's writing about any favors in treating their condition not as a treatable health problem related to stress or their recreational habits, but as an actual loss of their masculinity, the ultimate cost of gender equality.

The Post does go on to chronicle a whole batch of other reasons for why the tools might not work. In addition to the antidepressants and drug use and heavy drinking and anxiety and caffeine consumption, there's also the fact that once it happens once (due to nervousness or a bad mood or beer dick or whatever) the anxiety about it happening again can naturally become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

One of Stepp's subjects, George Washington University sophomore Peter Schneider, had an arousal problem with a girlfriend he'd been sleeping with for several weeks. Turns out, he'd been "smoking cigarettes and marijuana, popping Adderall in order to work through the night to finish his econ papers. He was drinking a lot and not getting any regular exercise." Hey, Scooby, I think we may have gotten to the bottom of that particular mystery! Another kid, G.W. senior James Daley, was with a girl who gave him a hard time the first time he couldn't perform. Understandably, he then experienced a couple of repeat non-performances. Now, he tells Stepp, he's worried that he's just headed downhill, that he's used up all his manly mojo.

It shouldn't surprise anyone that massive consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and caffeine takes a toll on a human body. And this is a generation of kids that has been pushed to achieve -- through hyper-scheduled play dates and after-school activities and college-prep courses -- to the point where "performance anxiety" is a whole new ballgame. And I'm perfectly willing to believe that a sexual economy where female desire is allowed to match male desire could lead to a changed playing field on which the boys were less motivated by the sense that sex is the equivalent of a touchdown, scored by pushing your way through the opposing team's defense.

But why, when there are all these perfectly reasonable explanations -- explanations that, not for nothing, could turn out to be productive if we reacted to them by educating boys about the effects of recreational substance use, or developing and prescribing pills with fewer sexual side effects, or encouraging guys to get used to a sex life in which they're on equal footing with their partners -- do we have to immediately start in on the ghoulish, desire-sapping, sexless succubus of women's liberation?

Stepp writes, "One can argue that a young woman speaking her mind is a sign of equality" -- um, yes, one can argue that. But human sexuality prof Sawyer, the father of four daughters, says that, "for some guys, it has come at a price. It's turned into ED in men you normally wouldn't think would have ED." Are we straight on that? Women speak their minds; men don't want to have sex with them anymore.

It all falls into the John Tierney school of thought that says that all these overachieving college girls are going to end up single. All the libidinous ones are going to go sexless as well. Why don't we just buckle up our chastity belts and give those boys something to focus on unlocking already? Because lord knows, our eager, aroused bodies are totally harshing their hard-ons!

We Win the Banana!

Remember this gem of creationist stupidity form Ray Comfort and Mike Seaver . . . uh, Kirk Cameron?

Well, It's dead

ray's fellatio demo

Hellbound Alleee : I'm just saying that, that there are very few plants, and we argue - with some environmentalists a lot who don't believe in bioengineered food, because all, because most of the food that we eat of course is farmed, and is done through horticulture, and we've engineered these - these fruits and vegetables to be more tasty to us. So actually, the banana seems to be not, not made by God at this point, it's more like um... what, what came first, the banana or the hand ? [laugh] You know ? Man took the banana and made it better for man...

Ray Comfort : Okay, you've got that one. You can have the banana.

Francois Tremblay : WE WIN ! WE WIN ! WE'VE WON THE BANANA !


Threats? Intimidation? Bigotry? Must be the Religious "Right"

Hate Mongers turning on GOP

WASHINGTON, May 13 — Some of President Bush's most influential conservative Christian allies are becoming openly critical of the White House and Republicans in Congress, warning that they will withhold their support in the midterm elections unless Congress does more to oppose same-sex marriage, obscenity and abortion.

"There is a growing feeling among conservatives that the only way to cure the problem is for Republicans to lose the Congressional elections this fall," said Richard Viguerie, a conservative direct-mail pioneer.

Mr. Viguerie also cited dissatisfaction with government spending, the war in Iraq and the immigration-policy debate, which Mr. Bush is scheduled to address in a televised speech on Monday night.

"I can't tell you how much anger there is at the Republican leadership," Mr. Viguerie said. "I have never seen anything like it." (mod note: It we're angry at them, and their own base is angry at them, what happens come November?)

Jimmy 'thumbsrews' Dobson showing us his blowjob techniquesIn the last several weeks, Dr. James C. Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family and one of the most influential Christian conservatives, has publicly accused Republican leaders of betraying the social conservatives who helped elect them in 2004. He has also warned in private meetings with about a dozen of the top Republicans in Washington that he may turn critic this fall unless the party delivers on conservative goals.

Bush hasn't done enough damage to this country for Jimmy "Thumb Screws" Dobson.

And at a meeting in Northern Virginia this weekend of the Council for National Policy, an alliance of the most prominent Christian conservatives, several participants said sentiment toward the White House and Republicans in Congress had deteriorated sharply since the 2004 elections.


When the group met in the summer of 2004, it resembled a pep rally for Mr. Bush and his allies on Capitol Hill, and one session focused on how to use state initiatives seeking to ban same-sex marriage to help turn out the vote. This year, some participants are complaining that as soon as Mr. Bush was re-elected he stopped expressing his support for a constitutional amendment banning such unions.

Christian conservative leaders have often threatened in the months before an election to withhold their support for Republicans in an effort to press for their legislative goals. In the 1990's, Dr. Dobson in particular became known for his jeremiads against the Republican party, most notably in the months before the 1998 midterm elections.

But the complaints this year are especially significant because they underscore how the broad decline in public approval for Mr. Bush and Congressional Republicans is beginning to cut into their core supporters. The threatened defections come just two years after many Christian conservatives — most notably Dr. Dobson — abandoned much of their previous reservations and poured energy into electing Republicans in 2004.


Republican officials, who were granted anonymity to speak publicly because of the sensitivity of the situation, acknowledged the difficult political climate but said they planned to rally conservatives by underscoring the contrast with Democrats and emphasizing the recent confirmations of two conservatives to the Supreme Court.

That's right folks! This is all they've got to go on. They've FAILED in all respects so the best thing they can come up with to celebrate and to showcase for their knuckle-dragging constituents is the two new Nazis sitting on the bench. How the pseudo-mighty have sunk even lower.

Midterm Congressional elections tend to be won by whichever side can motivate more true believers to vote. Dr. Dobson and other conservatives are renewing their complaints about the Republicans at a time when several recent polls have shown sharp declines in approval among Republicans and conservatives. And compared with other constituencies, evangelical Protestants have historically been suspicious of the worldly business of politics and thus more prone to stay home unless they feel clear moral issues are at stake.

"When a president is in a reasonably strong position, these kind of leaders don't have a lot of leverage," said Charlie Cook, a nonpartisan political analyst. "But when the president is weak, they tend to have a lot of leverage."

Dr. Dobson, whose daily radio broadcast has millions of listeners, has already signaled his willingness to criticize Republican leaders. In a recent interview with Fox News on the eve of a visit to the White House, he accused Republicans of "just ignoring those that put them in office."

Dr. Dobson cited the House's actions on two measures that passed over the objections of social conservatives: a hate-crime bill that extended protections to gay people, and increased support for embryonic stem cell research.


According to people who were at the meetings or were briefed on them, Dr. Dobson has made the same point more politely in a series of private conversations over the last two weeks in meetings with several top Republicans, including (newly indicted) Karl Rove, the president's top political adviser; Senator (Doctor by Remote Diagnosis) Bill Frist of Tennessee, the Republican leader; Representative J. Dennis Hastert of Illinois, the House speaker; and Representative John A. Boehner of Ohio, the majority leader.

People are getting concerned that they have not seen some of these issues move forward that were central to the 2004 election," said Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, who attended the meetings.

Richard D. Land, a top official of the Southern Baptist Convention who has been one of Mr. Bush's most loyal allies, said in an interview last week that many conservatives were upset that Mr. Bush had not talked more about a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.

Yeah, who gives a fuck about the millions of uninsured in this country. Who gives a fuck about all the Republicans being indicted. Who gives a fuck about global warming, illegal war, bird flu, the sinking dollar, or terrorism. We MUST stop them fags from thinking they should be allowed full citizenship! Xians MUST deny other human beings their basic rights as citizens of the US is they are to maintain moral superiority.

Goodness, if there is a god, he's embarrassed these asshats speak for him.

"A lot of people are disappointed that he hasn't put as much effort into the marriage amendment as he did for the prescription drug benefit or Social Security reform," Dr. Land said.

Psst, "Dr." Land - that failed too.

Republicans say they are taking steps to revive their support among Christian conservatives. On Thursday night, (newly indicted) Mr. Rove made the case for the party at a private meeting of the Council for National Policy, participants said.

Further case making by Rove will be done from his cell at Attica.

In addition to reminding conservatives of the confirmations of Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. (Zeig Heil!) to the Supreme Court, party strategists say the White House and Senate Republicans are escalating their fights against the Democrats over conservative nominees to lower federal courts, and the Senate is set to revive the same-sex marriage debate next month with a vote on the proposed amendment.

It's pretty sad that smoke screen issues is all they have left to them. It's even more sad dumbass conservative xians will fall for it.

But it is unclear how much Congressional Republicans will be able to do for social conservatives before the next election.

Is "social conservative" a new euphemism for "bigot"?

But let's take a closer look at how serious these repubs who whore themselves for Jesus actually care about this oh-so-pressing non-issues:

No one expects the same-sex marriage amendment to pass this year. Republican leaders have not scheduled votes on a measure to outlaw transporting minors across state lines for abortions, and the proposal faces long odds in the Senate. A measure to increase obscenity fines for broadcasters is opposed by media industry trade groups, pitting Christian conservatives against the business wing of the party, and Congressional leaders have not committed to bring it to a vote.

Not at all, apparently. How can anyone not see this for what it is? Whoring themselves for votes. OF COURSE nothing was done about it, Thumbscrews. They don't actually care what you bigots want done; they want your votes. That's it.

Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform and another frequent participant in the Council for National Policy, argued that Christian conservatives were hurting their own cause.

"If the Republicans do poorly in 2006," Mr. Norquist said, "the establishment will explain that it was because Bush was too conservative, specifically on social and cultural issues."

Dr. Dobson declined to comment. (mod: duh. Someone has to tell him what to say, first) His spokesman, Paul Hetrick, said that Dr. Dobson was "on a fact-finding trip to see where Republicans are regarding the issues that concern values voters most, especially the Marriage Protection Act," and that it was too soon to tell the results.

Translation: He's got a date with Pablo, his pool-boy.

So, thats the extent of the Repub platform. We'll have to endure another summer of endless, and brainless bigotry from hate-mongering pretend Xian republican politicians. Then, come November if we haven't all died from bird flu, killed in bizzare natural disasters, or blown up by a true believer, we'll get to see if Americans really are that fucking dumb, or if there's even a shred of hope to hang on to.

A sign of Bush's Personal Apocalypse

When the maker of a two hour long snuff movie thinks you have gone too far, you have.

Gibson inspired by 'fear-mongering' Bush

(mod note: this is obviously not what is written in the actual article)

Uber-conservative Holocaust-minimizing homophobes like - oh, and Film star and director - Mel Gibson has launched a scathing attack on US President George W Bush, comparing his leadership to the barbaric rulers of the Mayan civilisation in his new snuff film Apocalypto, in which he'll play the role he plays in every movie - the christ-like figure, tortured.

The epic, due for release later this year, captures the decline of the Maya kingdom and the slaughter of thousands of inhabitants as human sacrifices in a bid to save the nation from collapsing. (see? another snuff film)

Gibson reveals he used present day American politics as an inspiration, claiming the government callously plays on the nation's insecurities to maintain power. (mod note: oh happy noodles on a chopstick, I agree with Gibson)

He tells British film magazine Hotdog, "The fear-mongering we depict in the film reminds me of President Bush and his guys".

As opposed to YOUR kind of mongering, you whackadoo?

May 12, 2006

Crisis Pregnancy Centers: More Tools in the Forced Breeding Agenda's Arsenal

And, of course, more evidence of flat out dishonesty by Christians in the Forced Breeding Agenda.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers: More Tools in the Anti-Choice Arsenal

According to Planned Parenthood of Indiana, a 17-year-old girl mistakenly walked into a so-called "crisis pregnancy center" (CPC) thinking it was a Planned Parenthood clinic, which was located next door. The "clinic" took down the girl's confidential personal information and told her to come back for her appointment, which would be in their "other" office, the real Planned Parenthood office.

When she showed up for her nonexistent appointment, she was met by the police, who had been erroneously tipped that a minor was being forced to undergo an abortion. The CPC staff continued their harassment by staking out the girl's house, phoning her father at work, and even telling her classmates about her pregnancy, urging them to harass her.

According to the Feminist Women's Health Center, anti-abortion groups have set up crisis pregnancy centers throughout the United States. They are often located near high schools or legitimate reproductive health clinics, following a format suggested by the Pearson Foundation in its manual How to Start and Operate Your Own ProLife Outreach Crisis Pregnancy Center. Nearly all of these centers are operated by churches or religious organizations.

Going by such names as Crisis Pregnancy Center, Pregnancy Aid, Birth Right, Open Door or Pregnancy Counseling Center, these "clinics" are listed in the yellow pages under abortion alternatives, clinics, medical services, or family planning although they do not provide abortions. Most offer free pregnancy tests, pregnancy "counseling" and/or ultrasounds to lure desperate or confused women

According to the Feminist Women's Health Center, most CPCs will insist the woman come to their facility to obtain information and take a pregnancy test when contacted by phone. Women have reported being forced to watch grossly deceptive antiabortion videos and being bombarded with anti-choice propaganda while waiting up to an hour for their results. Some women have been denied the results of their pregnancy test when they say they want an abortion or that they need the test result to apply for medical assistance.

Crisis pregnancy centers can be not only psychologically damaging but physically dangerous. Blue Carreker, vice president of public affairs and marketing for Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood, told the Institute for Humanist Studies that CPCs are staffed solely by volunteers yet take confidential patient information. Not being accountable to a professional medical organization, they can then use this information to wreak havoc with a patient's life.

Even more troubling is that CPCs purport to provide sensitive medical information and care. They refuse or fail to provide contraceptive information, telling unmarried women that abstinence is the only way to avoid pregnancy. They provide blatantly false information that abortion leads to great psychological and physical harm.

More and more CPCs are performing ultrasounds without the aid of a medical professional, which could lead to misinterpretation of vital patient data. Patients who believe that they have received sound medical care may not go elsewhere for prenatal care.

Many crisis pregnancy centers are funded by U.S. tax dollars. Because of the Bush Administration's emphasis on abstinence-only educational programs, there is growing legislative support to direct taxpayer money towards CPCs and away from clinics that provide actual reproductive services to low-income women. Money is also raised in several states through the sale of "Choose Life" license plates. According to Planned Parenthood, there are currently six CPCs in the U.S. for every legitimate clinic that provides abortions.

Carreker believes that CPCs have every right to exist but argues against their deceptive practices and abuse of confidential patient information. Although Representative Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) recently introduced the Stop Deceptive Advertising for Women's Services (SDAWS) Act, which would apply truth-in-advertising standards to CPCs, Carreker believes that passage of SDAWS is a low priority in the legislature. One hopes that disseminating the truth regarding deceptive and harmful crisis pregnancy centers will alert women to their existence so that they can avoid misguided interference in their reproductive health care and decisions.

Once again for the slow group - the Forced Breeding Agenda aka "Pro-life" is nothing more than religious asshats LYING, MISLEADING and ENDANGERING women who seek help. So much for the religious being moral. It's nothing more than "fuck you, slut, you deserve to give birth as punishment because non-existant humans are more important than your slutty ass. But Jesus loves you. Unless you have that abortion."

For secularists who are pro-life, I ask you, does this make you happy? Are these the sorts of people you're proud to have on your side?

May 11, 2006

The Very Definition of Miserable Failure: George W. Bush

Another For the GOP Scorecard


BRAD BLOG Publishes Exclusive Documents: Incident Report, Letter to Coulter from Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections
GOP Propagandist May Also Be Guilty of Tax Code Fraud for Taking $25,000 'Homestead Exemption' if She Doesn't Actually Live in Palm Beach

Republican extremist/hate-monger, Ann Coulter may be on the verge of being tossed from the Voter Rolls in Palm Beach County, Florida.

The BRAD BLOG has also obtained exclusive official documents from the chain of events which has helped bring the GOP darling to a new place in her career: She has fallen completely silent.

Coulter, who appears to have committed a third-degree felony by knowingly giving an incorrect address on her voter registration form in Palm Beach, Florida, and then knowingly voting at the incorrect polling place last March, could face up to $5,000 in fines and five years in prison if convicted.

In April, The BRAD BLOG posted Coulter's fraudulent Voter Registration form in full. Today, we have more official and exclusive documents from the incident.

In light of Coulter's apparent voter fraud felony, the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections, Dr. Arthur Anderson, had sent her a letter last March (posted in full below), giving her 30 days to explain her actions, before possibly referring the matter to the state attorney for prosecution. So far, Coulter has failed to reply at all. Officials now say she may be removed from the voter rolls.

The Palm Beach Posts's Jose Lambiet originally broke this story back in March, and today adds a few new details in an update:

The elections office tried to contact her again last week with another missive. No response. Now, the voting-eligibility watchdogs are losing patience.

"We may start the administrative procedure to remove Ms. Coulter from the voter rolls this week," said Charmaine Kelly, deputy elections chief. "There will be a public hearing to cancel her registration. If that happens, she won't be able to vote until she re-registers. It's a rather rare procedure."

The incident was first reported to county officials by Precinct Advisor James Whited (incident report posted in full below) who had informed Coulter that her true home address, at 242 Seabreeze Ave., did not match the one on her voter registration. Coulter, had inexplicably used her Real Estate agent's address on the voter registration form which includes a signature next to an oath which says, in part, "All information on this form is true" and acknowledges the third-degree felony penalties for lying.

Whited explains in the report that he advised Coulter of the problem:

Ms. Coulter then said, "What was the problem?" It was explained that she needed to fill out a change of address form in order to vote in Precinct 1198. She countered with, "Where would I vote with the address that I have?" I advised her that it would be at St. Edward's Church. She said ''thank you" and hurriedly went out the door and down the driveway. I followed her to the edge of the driveway trying to get her to return but to no avail. I had no idea where she was going when she left the precinct.

Coulter would shortly thereafter cast her ballot at St. Edward's Church where she would have completed the final act of her knowing voter fraud. According to Michelle Pilecki at Huffington Post, Coulter has since been attacking those who question her about the incident on her speaking tour. Comment at that linked story, posted by a student who attended one of Coulter's events reported:

Ann Coulter spoke on my campus tonight, and I asked her "I was just wondering if you would like to respond to allegations that you knowingly voted in the wrong precinct in Palm Beach."

She responded that "No, I don't live in Palm Beach. Maybe you shouldn't read retarded news!"

But "retarded news" site, The BRAD BLOG linked to several documents which indicate, in no uncertain terms, that Coulter purchased a $1.8 million dollar crib in Palm Beach in March of 2005. If that is not her residence, Coulter would still be guilty of an apparent voter fraud felony, since she did register to vote in Palm Beach...even if at the wrong address.

As well, Coulter has received a $25,000 homestead tax exemption, which, according to Palm Beach law, would only be available to use as a tax deduction on the property if she "lives there permanently".

For the first time, to our knowledge, The BRAD BLOG now publishes the complete incident report on the matter, as filed by Whited, along with the original certified letter sent to Coulter by Anderson -- which has subsequently been ignored. We post both, along with the "Statement of Legal Residence" form which Anderson requested, on March 27th, be returned by Coulter within thirty days, below...

(Awesome graphic above courtesy of

Image One

Image Two

(Hat tip to Daniel Borchers of Citizens for Principled Conservatism and to several BRAD BLOG readers for their various tips and information provided and used while researching for this article.)

May 10, 2006

GOP Scorecard

Found this on Huff Po

For all those out there who believe that being a Liberal is equal to being an evil sinning criminal.

Republican legal problems:

Senate President Ben Stevens (son of US Senate Pro Tem President Ted Stevens)
Probed for accepting consulting fees from oil services firm Veco. Subject to a recall petition.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger
Ethics Probe for accepting salary from two men's fitness magazines while governor, possible kickback from American Media publisher to Schwarzenegger charity and silence money to a woman who had an extramarital affair with Schwarzenegger. This Probe may go criminal.

Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham
Probed for bribery regarding financial ties with and favors for defense firm MZM. Pleaded guilty to tax evasion, conspiracy, Nov. 28, 2005.

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher
Tied to Abramoff scandal on loan papers. Recipient of contributions from Abramoff

Gov. John Rowland
Convicted, imprisoned 2004

Attorney General Jane Brady
Accused of helping MBNA Bank of Wilmington skirt campaign finance laws.

Jack Abramoff, GOP lobbyist
Indicted, wire fraud, conspiracy

Adam Kidan, DC Dial-a-Mattress franchise owner in DC and Abramoff associate since College Republican days when Abramoff was chairman
Indicted, wire fraud, conspiracy. To plead guilty in return for his testimony against Abramoff

Michael Scanlon, former chief of staff to Tom DeLay
Being probed for involvement in Indian casino scandal with Abramoff, Kidan, and DeLay. Indicted Nov. 18, 2005 for conspiracy to defraud Indian tribes. Pleaded guilty Nov. 21.

Steve Rosen, American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)
Indicted for criminal conspiracy involving classified national security information

Keith Weismann, AIPAC
Indicted for criminal conspiracy involving classified national security informationI

Larry Franklin, Colonel, USAF Reserves, Dept. of Defense
Indicted for criminal conspiracy involving classified national security information

Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Vice President's Chief of Staff
Probed for illegal disclosure of CIA classified information. Indicted on 5 counts: Obstruction of justice, making false statements and perjury

White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove
Probed for illegal disclosure of CIA classified information. New Grand Jury investigating Rove

David H. Safavian, Head of Procurement Policy, Office of Management and Budget, former Chief of Staff, General Service Administration
Arrested by FBI for making false statements about helping Jack Abramoff acquire two Federal properties in DC and Maryland.

Ex-Corporation for Public Broadcasting Chairman and current Broadcasting Board of Governors member Kenneth Tomlinson
Under investigation for violating the Public Broadcasting Act

Patricia Harrison, President Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Probed for violating Public Broadcasting Act

Vice President Dick Cheney
Investigated for criminal conspiracy in divulging the identity of covert CIA agent

President George W. Bush
Probed in Abramoff scandal for accepting bags of illegal campaign cash from Seminole casino interests in Florida

J. Steven Griles, former Interior Deputy Secretary
Probed for links to Abramoff

Rep. Katherine Harris, US Senate candidate
Probed for campaign donations from MZM, Inc. (related to Duke Cunningham )

Ralph Reed, candidate for Lt. Gov.
Probed for involvement in Abramoff, Kidan, DeLay Indian casino money laundering.

Gov. Felix Camacho
Probed for ties to Abramoff and demoting Acting US Attorney for Guam Frederick Black

Dalton Tanonaka, former Lt. gubernatorial and congressional candidate
Under FEC investigation for disguising and failing to report campaign loans. Also Investigated for possible illegal foreign funding from Hong Kong and Japan.

State Rep. and House Minority Leader Galen Fox
Convicted on federal charges of fondling a woman on a Honolulu to Los Angeles commercial flight

Dennis Hastert
Republican National Treasurer Bob Kjellander
Under Federal Probe for steering investment contracts to Illinois Teachers Retirement Fund.

Former House Leader State Rep. Lee Daniels (Elmhurst)
Under Federal investigation for misuse of state employees for political activity and state contract kickbacks

Gov. Mitch Daniels
Under investigation for soliciting campaign donations in return for INDOT (Indiana Dept. of Transportation contracts)

Thomas Sharp, INDOT Commissioner
Under investigation for soliciting campaign donations in return for INDOT (Indiana Dept. of Transportation contracts)

Jim Kittle, GOP state chairman
Under investigation for soliciting campaign donations in return for INDOT (Indiana Dept. of Transportation contracts)

Adam Taff
2004 congressional candidate (KS-3), indicted for campaign violations amnd wire fraud.

Gov. Ernie Fletcher
Criminal pobe in a state employees' merit system scandal. Received contributions from. DeLay's ARMPAC, linked to Abramoff.

Transportation Commissioner Dan Druen
Merit system scandal, witness tampering. Indicted.

Deputy Personnel Secretary Bob Wilson
Merit system scandal. Indicted

Darrell Brock, Chairman of Kentucky GOP
Merit system scandal. Indicted.

Gov. Personnel Adviser Basil Turbyfill
Merit system scandal. Indicted

Transportation Secretary ill Nighbert
Merit system scandal. Indicted

Dick Murgatroyd, Gov. Deputy Chief of Staff
Merit system scandal. Indicted

Jim Adams, Deputy Transportation Secretary
Merit system scandal. Indicted.

Cory Meadows, Executive Director, Transportation Dept.
Merit system scandal. Indicted.

Environmental Protection Commissioner Lloyd Cress
Probed in merit system scandal

Dave Disponett
Indicted for violation of Kentucky civil service law

Joseph Steffen, aide to Gov. Bob Ehrlich
Resigned for starting a rumor campaign against Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley.

Lawrence Novak, Vice Chair, state GOP
Arrested by FBI for drug money laundering

Attorney General Mike Cox
Failed to pursue felony pollution charges against Graceland Fruit after a major Department of Environmental Quality investigation.

Rep. Candice Miller
Investigated by House Erthics Committee for accepting campaign contributions in return for her yes vote on the 2004 Medicare bill.

Rep. Roy Blunt, House Majority Leader
Investigated for trading illegal PAC money with DeLay through Blunt's Rely on Your Beliefs Fund. Received Indian casino money from tribes represented by Abramoff.

Sen. Conrad Burns
Probed for links to Abramoff

New Hampshire
Sen. John Sununu
Probed for receipt of money from DeLay tainted PAC

Rep. Jeb Bradley
Probed for receipt of money from DeLay tainted PAC

James Tobin, Northeast political director National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee
Indicted, conspiracy, GOTV phone line jamming, Sununu 2002 campaign. Convicted Dec. 15, on 2 telephone harassment charges.

Chuck McGee, former Exec. Dir. New Hampshire Republican Party
Pleaded guilty, conspiracy, GOTV phone line jamming, Sununu 2002 campaign

Allen Raymond, GOP Marketplace President
Pleaded guilty to conspiracy, GOTV phone line jamming, Sununu 2002 campaign

New Jersey
GOP State Chairman Tom Wilson
Probed for his firm receiving $2.7 million from the Burlington County Bridge Commission

New York
Westchester County District Attorney Jeanine Pirro and US Senate candidate
Probed for campaign donations from mobsters. Her husband served a year in prison for tax evasion.

North Carolina
Rep. Charles Taylor
Probed for ownership of shady Russian bank - whose other major investor is a former KGB general. Recipient of contributions from Abramoff

Hayes Martin, Taylor Campaign Treasurer
Indicted, fraud and money laundering

Gov. Bob Taft, Misuse of state funds/ethics violations
Convicted, four first degree misdemeanors, pleaded no contest (admission of guilt). $4000 fine and public apology, two Federal Grand Juries, one state Grand Jury still investigating Taft.

Thomas Noe, Bush-Cheney 04 campaign chair, NW Ohio; Turnpike Commissioner; University Regent
Misuse of state funds for rare coin fund. Indicted by Federal grand jury, arrested in Florida.

Bernadette Noe, Thomas Noe's wife; chair Lucas County GOP; chair Lucas Co. Board of Elections
Misuse of state funds

Brian Hicks, Taft chief of staff, member Ohio University Board of Trustees

Cherie Carroll, Taft Chief of Staff Executive Secretary

Rep. Bob Ney
Being Probed for involvement with Abramoff, Kidan, and DeLay, Indian casino money laundering. Recipient of contributions from Abramoff and Kidan. Indictment may be imminent.

Rep. Jean Schmidt
Probe of financial ties to Games, Inc., and proposal to put Ohio State Lottery on the Internet. Received contributions from. DeLay's ARMPAC, linked to Abramoff

Douglas Moormann, Gov. Taft's Executive Assistant for Business and Industry
Under criminal investigation for accepting loan from Noe.

Walden O'Dell, Chairman & CEO of Diebold, Bush-Cheney major campaign contributor who promised to "deliver" Ohio to Bush in 2004
Resigned for "personal reasons" Dec. 13, 2005 after initiation of a class action lawsuit against Diebold for securities fraud.

State Rep. Dan Doyle
Misused campaign funds. Convicted.

Rep. Don Sherwood
Investigated by DC police for assaulting and choking a 29-year old Maryland woman

Rhode Island
Former House candidate (2002) Mike Battles
Firm, Custer Battles, disbarred from Iraq contracts after allegations of over charging and money laundering

Providence Mayor Vince Cianci
Imprisoned in 2002 for 5 years.

South Carolina
Rep. Bill Janklow
Guilty, second degree manslaughter, imprisoned. Recipient of contributions from Abramoff

Sen. Bill Frist
Under Securities and Exchange Commission investigation for insider trading on his Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) stock

Rep. Tom DeLay, House Majority Leader
Probed for campaign finance fraud, ties to Abramoff/Kidan, Saipan sweat shops. Grand Jury, Travis County prosecutor, and House Ethics Committee probing DeLay. Indicted by Travis County District Attorney for 1 count of criminal conspiracy and 2 counts of money laundering. arrested and booked at Harris County jail October 20, 2005. Recipient of contributions from Abramoff. Conspiracy to commit money laundering and money laundering charges still stand after Texas Judge dropped the one count of criminal conspiracy on December 5, 2005.

Jim Ellis, Director Americans for a Republican Majority (ARMPAC) PAC tied to DeLay and Abramoff

John Colyandro, Texans for a Republican Majority (TRMPAC), DeLay associate

Warren RoBold, Lobbyist and DeLay associate

House Speaker Tom Craddick
Probed for campaign violations involving TRMPAC and DeLay

Sam Walls, candidate for Texas House
Photos of him wearing women's clothes surfaced in the 2004 runoff campaign

State Rep. Todd Baxter
Investigated for receiving ARMPAC and TRMPAC money from Republican National Committee. To resign from office on Nov. 1, 2005

Rep. Kevin Brady
Recipient of $10,000 from ARMPAC in 2003. Arrested for DWI in South Dakota.

Rep. Pete Sessions
Probed for receiving money from casino Indian tribes represented by Abramoff

Rep. Virgil Goode
Probed for contributions from MZM, Inc. (related to Duke Cunningham probe)

Spokane Mayor Jim West
Under Federal and state investigation for abusing his office to obtain sexual favors and soliciting sex over the Internet from underage males. Recalled Dec. 6, 2005 by a 2-1 margin.

GOP Scorecard

I'm confused - isn't this GOD'S own party? >:)

The New Pandemic!!!

Erectile Dysfunction. No, I'm not kidding.

This is what the Washington Post has been reduced too. Found via Tennesee Guerilla Womenby MzNicky

Every now and then you come across a news report that’s just so heartbreaking, so unremittingly lamentable, that you have to stop reading for a moment, close your eyes, and take a deep, shuddering breath before you can continue.

I saw just such a story in the Washington Post yesterday. After double-checking the source to make sure it wasn’t really from the Onion, I forced myself to read all about the crushing "epidemic" currently sweeping the nation’s college campuses: Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

That’s right. It seems there’s a pandemic of limp-dicked frat rats.

I know that by now you are rending your garments and wailing, "Why, oh why? What could possibly be at the, er, root of this catastrophe?" And yet, you knew the answer, didn't you?, before you even knew there was a question. No, it’s not the binge drinking, the pot, ecstasy, or meth; it's not the antidepressants or the smoking, or even the sitting for hours on end stuffing the face with Chee-tos® while surfing for porn or pounding the X-Box instead of bench-pressing and hoops-shooting—although the WaPo writer dutifully mentions in passing these possible explanations for this plague of undergraduate impotence. No! It is, of course, the damned oversexed college-aged women who, through their misguided ideas about sexual entitlement, are creating this oppressive sucking vortex of tragically unspent seed!

“Young women are now as likely as young men ... to initiate sex, taking away from males the age-old, erotic power of the chase,” we are told. Further, notes the writer, quoting one of the several medical experts required to give a news story its putative credibility, “One can argue that a young woman speaking her mind is a sign of equality. ‘That's a good thing,’ says Sawyer, father of four daughters. ‘But for some guys, it has come at a price. It's turned into ED in men you normally wouldn't think would have ED.’” There. Happy now, you emasculating little loudmouthed bitches?

By the way, note that we no longer refer to chronic penile flaccidity as “impotence.” As the writer earnestly explains, “No physician or therapist would think of using the word impotence because its literal meaning -- lack of power -- is precisely the possibility their clients fear the most.” Nevermind that “ED” isn’t even a medical condition.
As Lindsay Beyerstein at Majikthise points out:

[B]ig pharma has invested heavily in convincing doctors and consumers that ED is a serious health problem that needs to be treated. A lot of what they say is absolutely true and important. Chronic performance problems can be a warning sign of heart disease, diabetes, and other serious problems. ... [Viagra® manufacturer] Pfizer’s one-two punch is to argue that either ED is itself a disease, or that it’s a sign of a disease. Albeit, it's frequently a disease defined exclusively by the patient's subjective dissatisfaction, but the bottom line is that aggressive medical management is indicated!

But let’s set aside the cynical notion that a media outlet would pimp a pharmaceutical company’s attempts to create a new market by lending credence to a nonexistent clinical condition, which of course we know never happens, and get back to the tragedy at hand. Interwoven into the sad tales of each of the luckless young dudes the writer managed to dig up and portray in this story to give it the requisite “human face” is the same subtextual insinuation: It’s all women’s fault.
(mod: sounds like religion, huh)

Adam, for example, “hooked up with a sophomore -- at her urging. The girl really wanted to make a go of it with him. ... she had offered to be his 'friend with benefits,' and he had agreed. In his mind, that decision was a no-brainer. But on this night, their first in bed, his body was telling him something else. She used every trick she knew, with no success. Adam panicked. 'I've had no problem with this before,' he thought. ‘What if this gets out? What if she tells her girlfriends? My reputation will be ruined.’"

Oh NO! And to think—anxiety over potential reputation-ruining is what girls, not guys, should be worried about! Right? Whatever is happening to the youth of America!

Another would-be stud was “20 years old, good-looking ... He said he could never get to the relationship because when he went out with a woman, she wanted to have sex almost immediately. He never got comfortable enough to tell them he had a problem, so he stopped dating." Another perfectly good specimen shot down in his prime by hordes of voracious female sex fiends. And that’s just not right, dammit! Because "'When the tools work, there's nothing like it,' says Devin Jones, a sophomore at Maryland, who read several how-to books about sex before going all the way with his first girlfriend. ‘When she got an orgasm, I felt like the man,’ he says in an interview, pounding his fists on his chest.” That’s right. He actually pounded his chest with his fists. Because his tool worked, like it’s supposed to.

Still another tale of woe concerns a George Washington University manly man who is “tall and good-looking with dark hair and gray-green eyes, [a] member of a fraternity so bad and so much fun that university officials refuse to sanction it.” (Wow! Beat that, you non-Animal House losers! Sorry; bad choice of words No offense, Big Guy.) In furtherance of his erstwhile fuckability, we are told that “he works at a bank and has a job lined up after school -- a fact that the ambitious women at GW love.” (Of course they do! That’s what “ambitious women” do—seek out future six-figure-earners and then rob them of their manly essences!) “He has charmed probably two dozen girls away from bars and into his bed over four years at school, all consenting partners, he says.” (Police records were apparently unavailable.) A litany of disappointing “hookup” failures follows, during which the studly dude's revolving door of receptacles all expressed such frustration and impatience that, "Not surprisingly, system shutdown ensued.”

And so on, and so on, one heart-rending example of this "epidemic" after another. Of course, this being a story in a a majorly respectable content-providing newspaper, there’s “balance,” because the writer includes some equal-opportunity blaming via a chick quote: "'I know lots of girls for whom nothing is off limits,' says Helen Czapary, a junior at the University of Maryland. ‘The pressure on the guys is a huge deal.’” Ha ha! And you thought by “balance,” I meant there’d be something along the lines of what these succubus coeds might have to say about the situation! As if whatever pathetic opinions college sluts might offer to excuse their effeminizing behavior is even relevant! Look, nothing less than the survival of humanity is at stake here, because “...sexual performance is still, in the minds of many males, the sign of authority and dominance, perhaps the last such symbol in a society slogging its way toward gender equality.”

Oh. My. God. Will someone please wake me, not to mention the Washington Post, when that long, slow walk is finally done? I’ll be over there in the corner, curled up in a comatose fetal ball. Oh, sorry. Make that fetal “hollow sphere.” Wouldn’t want to create any more euphemistic pressure on the erectilely dysfunctional; sounds like they’ve already got their hands full.

The article ends with a guy who admits he let a girl believe she was the problem. She told him should couldn't please him, and he let her believe it - lest his ever precious reputation be harmed. But, he feels a little guilty about it now. (imagine how the chick feels. I hope she reads this.)

So, to sum up - if you can't get it up, don't be honest with your partner - lie, let her think it's her fault. Blame it on the women you've managed to get into your bed. Do whatever you have to do. Your reputation is of more importance than the dumb whore you're with. Don't bother with trying to actually be a better lover, just bitch and moan about her knowing you are awful in bed. I mean, HOW DARE she want satifaction to, the slut.

Does anyone else find it just a little repulsive that this dingbat choses "Cupid's Broken Arrow" for the title of a piece about promiscuity and one night stands?